About ESA

ESA (English Student Association) is a Community (Himpunan) of English Literature Students.

ESA itself was born since FIB still as Bastra (Balai Bahasa). Then, it was hiatus and raise again at 1 January 2011. The First Founding father of ESA are Devri Anggriawan and Nazarsyah Septian Nanda (Sasing 2008).¬†ESA have 4 departments that become ESA’s pillars to strengthen this community. Those 4 departments are SND (Social and Networking Department), BAD (Business and Archiving Department), LLD (Language and Literature Department) and HRDD (Human Resource and Development Department).


Being an institution and identities and a place for students of English literature courses oriented to the formation of personality and self-development of students, and to support the activities of the Faculty of Cultural Studies and also UB itself getting better.


- Gathering all English Literature Study Program students through student activities.
- Accommodating their aspirations and open up information for students.
- Organizing activities oriented toward the establishment and development of students.
- Takes the name of FIB at national and international levels.

ESA is All and All is ESA…

Let’s join and get closer with us…

“Be United, Be The One, Be The Best”

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