Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA)

Maybe some of you have played this game. This game has been the most popular game in Indonesia now. Defense Of the Ancient (DOTA) is a game that can be played by online and offline users. Basically the game is played by two teams which have a main goal to destroy the enemy’s main tower.
The two teams are called sentinel and scourge. In each team, they have five own heroes to fight and protect the main tower. The three heroes are represented the agility, strength, and intelligent. The agility heroes have power to make themselves become the most frightening heroes in the last part of the game, because the more gold collected by the heroes, the faster items they will get. These heroes usually play slowly at first, but they will lead the game in the last time.

Strength heroes are the heroes with brilliant skills, especially in their magical immune system. The team need to have one or two of strength heroes, because strength heroes lead the entire time of the game. The great immune system of strength heroes becomes great advantage since they can’t be killed easily. The faster these heroes grow, the faster you win the game.

The last category is the intelligent heroes. These heroes have the more capabilities than other categories. They have so many capabilities, and their capabilities become the most horrible thing for the other heroes in a game. Some of intelligent heroes can decrease enemy’s armor drastically, they can decrease the the enemy’s health immediately, and some of them also have capability to heal their partner. Some people call these heroes as the supporting heroes, because the more support they give, the more chance to win in a war.

Indonesia is the country with millions DOTA addicters. There are some server online in Indonesia, for example IDGS free, IDGS public, and nusa. This game is not general war game, it needs strategies, solidity, and good understanding to win the game. Have a good play! (Hdr/Lay)

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