HKMJ Club, Futsal Club In FIB

Futsal, that word is so familiar in our ears, especially for boys. If I say Futsal, what will appear in your mind? Boys? Ball? Run? Indoor? What’s next?
Yap! Futsal is a kind of football, but this is not football in America. According to Wikipedia, Futsal is a variant of football which is played in a smaller pitch and mainly played indoors. It is played between two teams of five players each, and one of them is the goalkeeper. Boys usually love this kind of sport. However, sometimes girls love it too.

In FIB, there is a futsal club named HKMJ, do you ever heard that?
For your information, HKMJ is stand for “Halah Kok Mikir Jeneng”. It seems absurd and unique name. But, they named it because they have no idea to make a name. So they decided to use those words to become the name of the club.

They were founded in 2011 and now they get 15 members that come from all over major on Faculty of Culture Studies. Just like any other Futsal club, they always get rehearsal. They usually do rehearsal on Wednesday at 8 pm in Premier Futsal. Besides routine rehearsal, they often gathering and drink coffee together so they are not get bored and can tighten up their relationship.

Sometimes, the member should choose weather going to campus or going to do rehearsal if there is any competition. But, according to Adit, one of the members of HKMJ, “If we want to do something, don’t do it in a half way. So I choose Futsal”.
The very best achievement that they got was winning the FIB CUP 2012 that was held in last December.
Yeaay … Congratulation HKMJ !!!

Futsal is a Hobby, so I think we never gonna bored to do that if we like that activity. If you guys love this sport, you can join HKMJ as your facility to get your pleasure together with others. And what are you waiting for? Just join them, become a member of HKMJ. . .

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