KNIGHT 2014 Goes to EPC | Perbekalan Makanan

The Clues


There was a black guy named Romeo. He did 3 steps before he eat; twist, lick, and dip. One day he went to an island. There, he met a beautiful woman who danced. Her name was  iras who could avoid some people for feeling hungry. After Iras danced, she gave Romeo a candy stick that could hypnotize him. Romeo fell on the ground. Iras took his stuffs, including his newton’s fortune fruit and ran away. Moments later, he woke up and realized he had been robbed. After that, he asked for a help from a stranger. The stranger gave him seda water which had 600 ml of holy liquid and hero’s milk. In the end, Romeo stayed with the stranger who helped him.


In the dream island, there was a kingdom which was led by a beautiful queen named Sri. She had two sons named Bloody Eggard who had a red hair and Corny Eggard who had blonde hair. They had a special weapon named ngeso-ngeso long bean which could kill many kind of enemies.

One day, Queen gave them mission to guide a train which brought the supplies of crunchy crispy to border line. It was really surprised them that the road to border line were extremely dangerous. They fought with giant, witch, monsters along the way. Fortunately, their weapon helped really much and they arrived in border line safely.


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