KNIGHT 2014 Goes To EPC | The Assignments


“Goes to Victory”

November 15th, 2014 // Start from 07:00-16:00

1. Freshmen have to use PK2MABA nametag

2. Freshmen have to bring slayer (penutup mata) and spoon

3. What freshmen have to wear:

For opening: shirt (depends on the groups colour), training, and UB jacket

For outdoor activity: shirt (depends on the groups colour) and training

For indoor activity: batik and jeans

Groups Colour
Henrik Ibsnen White
Tennese William Red
William Shakespeare Dark Blue
Arthur Miller Yellow
Oscar Wilde Grey
T. S. Elliot Green
Christopher Marlowe Purple
Harold Pinter Brown
August Strindberg Pink
Eugene O’Neill Orange
George Bernard Shaw Light Blue
Samuel Becket Black

4. Freshmen Assignments (Individu) // handwritten in lined-folio paper

  1. Please explain the bureaucracy structure of Faculty of Culture Studies, starting from the Dean until the Head of Study Programs!
  2. Please explain the organization structure of English Student Association, from the Head of ESA until every single department staffs!
  3. Give an explanation about ESA’s 3 Big Events!
  4. Mention the clubs which are under ESA supervision!
  5. Mention the names of the Head of ESA from the first generation up until now!

5Freshmen Assignments (Group)

Making a flying wish. Every freshman of  the group should write their own dreams and make it one into an A5 paper written with the colorful ink

6. Every groups should have their own yel-yel

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