Manga Kurobu, the only one Manga club in FIB

Manga is a literal word in Japanese language that means comic. However not all of comics are called Manga, only comics from Japan and created by Japanese (Mangaka) are called Manga. Do you know folk in our Faculty, Faculty of Culture Studies a.k.a FIB, has a club named Manga Kurobu? It’s a club that collected by people who have same passion about Manga, *of course* :D

Everyone who interested in Manga, can join with this club, because they are not bounding everyone who wants to joint with them. All of major from Faculty of Culture Studies without any exception, can join with them. It’s Interesting, right?

They also have many fun activities. Every week, they are going to draw a character of Manga. The instructor will teach you from a very basic technique, if you don’t know yet how to draw a character. So don’t worry if you can not draw at all. For your information, the instructors are also students, in Major Japanese Literature.

Then, in the end of every month, they will watch anime together, and analyze about the characters. Sounds Great!!!
This club was founded in March 2012, although it’s still one year, they have a wonderful achievement, they got Top 10 Favorite in Competition of Comic 2012 (Kompetisi Komik 2012) that was held by Indonesia Kreatif in 2012.
They also participate in Gramedia Comic Expo in Surabaya and Expo in Japanese Consulate General (Konsulat Jendral Jepang) in Jakarta.
Wow.. it was so great!

So if you wanna go with them and have fun together, don’t miss it and just attend the class every Saturday at FIB.

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