Seniman Punya Cerita

When you hear the words “seniman punya cerita,” what’s coming up on your mind? Do you think it’s about artists telling you stories? If so, you need to check this out again.

By the way, Seniman Punya Cerita is a big event held by the Department of Art and Culture, BEM FIB 2013. This event will be held on April 25th, 2013 in the hall of central office building of Brawijaya University. Taking the theme of “Topeng” means mask and the tagline of “Dibalik Dua Sisi,” it has philosophical meaning that humans basically have two sides in life, the good side and the bad one.

This event will be the transformation of Cangkrukan Seni in the previous edition. Yet, it will be the different new one. While Cangkrukan Seni was full of acoustic performances, Seniman Punya Cerita will provide the more varied show. It will not only perform the music show, such as acoustics, but also other performances from any groups in FIB. There will be chorus from E-lite Voice, theater performance from Teater Lingkar, traditional japanesse dance by Badai Yosakoi and also stand up comedy show.

The main aim of this event is to mix traditional and modern art. Thus, it tries to accomodate all the art elements in FIB. Beside the performances of some students groups, also, there will be special performances from some teachers. Mr. Taufan Baskoro from English Language and Literature Program will perform a reading poem show. Besides, Mr. Roykan from Anthropology Program will also show us how to draw Topeng.
Well, this is just a little information about one of the biggest events in our beloved faculty. So, do you have a plan for April 25th? Don’t miss it guys…!

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